是台湾高频企业在深圳成立的一家公司,是高频企业在大陆成立的第四个据点,负责华南地区的所有业务。台湾高频是一家专业从事水处理、水净化工艺设计、设备选型配套、安装调试、污泥处理处置及提供固液分离机械的高科技企业。 高频企业在台湾从事半导体与其他高科技产业废水处理系统已有10多年历史,1992年就已经荣获台湾当局甲级废水处理资质证书,率先引进欧、美、日先进技术并将其技术转移为新竹科学园区之厂商服务,包括台积电、华邦、旺宏、友达等芯片及液晶屏幕公司之废水处理系统。 在国内的北京、上海、天津已有服务据点,北京据点的前身为中国航空工业第二设计院。在国内的实绩不甚枚举,近期具代表性的有中国第一座十二吋芯片厂(中芯半导体)及中国四大液晶屏幕厂中的昆山龙腾光电、京东方及深超光电的废水处理系统。(具体工程实绩见附表) 高频公司从事水处理有10多年历史,拥有国际认可专业、权威的技术水准,因此亦获得国际知名设备厂商信任,特别指定本公司为其产品设备在中国华南地区的独家代理。 展开 公司地址:深圳市南山区学府路愉康大厦北座16H (邮编:518052) 地图 公司官网:http://www.hilyte.com
日本总公司网址:http://www.senju-m.co.jp 香港公司网址:http://www.senju.com.hk Company Profile - Top Message 1938 – 2009 Seventy one years after its foundation, Senju Metal Industry Co. Ltd. is enforcing the company's endeavors to cope with the challenges in the fields of global business and technology, aiming for the top in terms of environmental compliance, resource efficiency and product safety. Founded in the year 1938 we have been manufacturing products for the electronics and machinery industry, always refining the idea of "Joint System Technology". It is our policy to constantly aim for the highest quality standards and to supply the finest products. Senju achieves this via creative technical processes, maintaining and further enhancing unique manufacturing techniques and by excelling in technical service, all necessary to satisfy the demands of an ever advancing industry. Over many years, with the support of our customers, our business has grown remarkably and we continue to expand our operations worldwide. As a high technology business providing for a wide range of various products - semiconductors, electronic components, consumer and industrial appliances, construction machinery, automobiles – in times of rapid fundamental changes we inevitably encounter new challenges, which rather prove to be turning points toward a focus on resources, environmental and safety issues. In 1996 we pioneered development of the industry's first environmentally friendly lead free ECO SOLDER? and in spring 2008 we released our revolutionary Halogen-Free, Low-Silver Soldering products and our Micro Ball Hybrid Electronic Products. While Senju's ECO Soldering Solution? sparked a technical shift to Green Technology we have now launched the action programme ECOtronics?, a new technical platform for optimizing both our management and research force for developing comprehensive solutions. This should lead us one step further in our ability to market a new generation of superior high technology products. As the economy faltered since last autumn we took this as an opportunity to reshuffle and innovate within our management structure, fundamentally reorganizing and improving upon our total operation. By providing a speedy supply system incorporating the latest technical achievements and deepening the partnerships with our customers, we will do our very best to enhance our relations based on trust and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We are looking forward to intensifying our business relations and ask for your support towards a mutually fruitful cooperation. Issaku Sato, Chairman Eietsu Hasegawa, CEO 展开 公司地址:罗湖区人民南路嘉里中心923室 (邮编:000000) 地图

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